These are the plans for the Lucky 7, likely to be modified and changed constantly but as work progresses they should be more and more a final draft.

Frame: Most of the frame will be made using 1″x1″ 15 gauge Rectangular Hollow Section. I am using the McSorley 7+442 design, a modified version of Ron Champion’s “book frame”. This plan creates more room in the foot well and the engine bay, providing more comfort while driving and a place for the engine I plan on using. The plans can be found on McSorley’s web page. The plans call for 16 gauge, so my frame will be somewhat heavier being 15 gauge, but should also be a little bit stiffer throughout.

Engine: The engine for the Lucky 7 will be sourced from a Chevy, most likely an S-10 as it has the most to offer. I will be using either a 2.8l GM 60° V-6 (125hp) or one of it’s bigger brothers (3.1l or 3.4l) depending on what I can find. I have no particular affection for chevys, but from the research I’ve done this drive train seems the easiest to use and most reliable.

Body: The body of the Lucky 7 will be made of both sheet steel, and glassfiber where applicable. Aluminium would be preferable, but it is expensive, will need to be riveted, and will wear on the steel. The steel will be slightly heavier, but after welding will provide rigidity to the chassis. The complex bits will be glassfiber, such as the rear wheel wells, scuttle, and nose cone. These can be purchased from a number of suppliers online, or made at home. The front wheel covers will be either glassfiber or steel if I can source them from a trailer or something.

When It’s Done I don’t know what’s more exciting, building the car or what I can do with it when it’s done! Since my good buddy is building one as well, I think we will likely go on some interesting holidays with our cars. As I find more places to travel I will add them here. These are just ideas, for now!

- Nova Scotia: While my father is planning a trip on his motorcycle, I took an interest in the Canadian landscape. The pictures I’ve found on the Nova Scotia tourism site are very exciting. This will definitely be on the list of road trips.

Nova Scotia 1 Nova Scotia 2

- Colorado: This would have to be a cross country trip, but someday the Colorado mountainsides would definitely be a great ride.

Colorado Colorado 2

- Tail Of The Dragon: A very popular destination for all lovers of things that go fast, the Tail of The Dragon offers an intense ride and is not too far from home. Bends like these are not too common in this country, so this will be a highly anticipated trip.

Tail of the Dragon Tail of the Dragon 2