Locost Resources: – Forums set up for and by Locost builders. This online community has been by far the most helpful resource in the quest to build my Locost. Everyone on the forum is helpful and more than willing to share their experiences to help others.
Locost – Forums for the UK Locost builder. Helpful information, but much of it is only useful on the other side of the pond.
Kinetic Vehicles – A great place to buy parts for your Locost. Jack, the owner of Kinetic, is widely known as one of the best guys to work with, anywhere on the internet. No kidding, and buying from him feels good because it goes to a fellow Locoster! 

Other Builds:


GATechLocost - My good friend Andrew’s build log. Well documented, full of information, and even entertaining at times. His build utilizes a “Book” frame with a Celica GTS ( 2.4L 22RE EFI engine).


Tyre Bible - Everything you ever wanted to know about tires. Yes, everything.