Here is a list of the tools used in the Locost build, and how they worked for me.

Craftsman 14″ Lasercut Chop Saw:

I picked this up at Sears, with my associate discount of course. It has a built in laser line that projects a straight line, where the blade will cut, on the piece to be cut. This works great, and the price wasn’t bad at $150 after a few sales and discounts. The clamp is on a screw that presses the piece against a plate that can be angled from 0 to 45, but finding the angle isn’t very accurate. The markings on the plate are in 5 intervals, but don’t point to anything! I use a protractor to make sure the angles are correct, so overall I say it’s a great tool for the price.

Chop Saw

Craftsman MIG welder with Cart:

Also from Sears, this 120v MIG has worked great so far. It was purchased for cheap, but didn’t come with a gas regulator or tank, so those added up. This welder can use either flux core wire or be fitted with the shielding gas and fed a solid wire. It’s rated up to 3/16″ penetration, and has performed quite well. Only problem I have is connecting the gas line to the welding unit, the connection is some strange fitting. I have a nice jerry-rig holding it on but it works.



Craftsman Flap Wheel for Angle Grinder:

Reviving parts from cars at the junkyard requires time, patience, and the right tools. I picked this up for $10 or so at Sears, and it did a great job. I bolted right up to my Craftsman angle grinder, clamped the grinder to the table and got busy. The grit seems to wear off quickly, but it still does a decent job.