Getting the frame together.

The Locost is under way! I had less work than normal this weekend, giving me loads of time to get started on the frame. I also had no class Monday, allowing me to put in a whopping 8.5 hours of work there. Anyway to the actual progress:

I began the weekend by getting everything ready. My chop saw took some adjusting (read my review about it on the tools page) and the gas regulator on my welder was broken. Not off to a great start but not being able to weld gave me time to measure, measure, measure and cut. I got through cutting the entire bottom section, and a bag of beef jerky, by the time work started Friday. Saturday I would get in just a few cuts before work, and nothing much on Sunday (you guessed it, work!). Finally Monday came and I got an early start, getting up at 8:00 and setting off to purchase a new regulator. It wasn’t cheap but I got a regulator, and after an hour of smashing away with 6ft cheater bars, I switched the couplings from the broken regulator to the new. I continued cutting tubes until I got through tube”O” (for those of you playing the home game). I skipped the”L” tubes, as I didn’t feel like messing with that nonsense on that particular day, but found this thread very helpful. I will tackle that and the upper tubes next weekend, and hopefully have a completed frame

I also included a few pictures of how I cut a 50 degree angle with the chop saw that only goes to 45 degrees. I just wedged an angle of cut off in there, and clamped the bugger down. Using a protractor, I got it to the right mark and had at it.

Frame Under Construction 1 Frame Under Construction 2 Frame Under Construction 3 Frame Under Construction 4 50 Degree Cut 1 50 Degree Cut 2 50 Degree Cut 3 50 Degree Cut 4

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