Back to work…

I’ve not updated here in a while, mostly because I haven’t done much on the car. I have been doing a great deal of traveling this Summer, with family and friends. I went to Quebec, Montreal, Disneyland, Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Atlanta, and many places right around Connecticut, and there is still time for more! But for now it is back to the Locost.

A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta visiting my friend Andrew. He is also building a Locost, but is just about finished with his. My goodness what a blast his was to drive! It’s loud, fast, missing seatbelts, a floor and and body panels, requires the passenger to carry a fire extinguisher (luckily never used), has some non-functional gauges, and it is the most fun I’ve ever had in a car. A video of us taking it out for a ride can be found here: Driving The Locost. Anyway, after spending many hours in the dirt working on his Locost, and learning a ton from Andrew, I figure I should get back to my own.

The rear axle now has two suspension brackets, tho both need to be cleaned up and welded on. I ordered a bunch of weld in bungs for the trailing arms and front suspension, and with any luck the rear axle should be in soon. For more on the design of the rear suspension go to the parts design page.

I also ordered some DOM tube to make the arms from, and some suspension brackets from Jack at Kinetic Vehicles. I tried to make my own brackets but it was an absolute pain to get just one done, and for $4.50 a piece I’m not going to put my mental health, or what’s left of it, on the line.

Finally, I found an add on for a Camaro that intrigued me. I called the owner and he said, in many, many more words, that it was sold the day the add went up (and that apparently the new owner stole the tools that the previous had left in the boot). Oh well, getting the drive trainĀ  in is still far away.

Tomorrow should be a big shop day, and hopefully I can get some pictures of the progress.

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