Steering Rack

This passed week has been tremendously exciting, as I am beginning to get parts for the car. The more it looks like an actual car, the more I want to work on it! Hopefully this effect maintains throughout the build in it’s entirety. My friend showed me a new junkyard early in the week, and I quickly found a promising steering rack in the battered shell of what was a Triumph Spitfire GT. I felt proud that I’d be bringing some of this poor old auto’s passion back to life by using it in my Locost. With a hacksaw and some wrenches a friend and I got the steering rack off in an hour or so, and got a nice coating of grease, oil, mud, and other junkyard mystery fluids, all over ourselves. The steering rack was quite a mess on the outside, but it worked in the junkyard and worked on my workbench. All the important bits seemed in fine order, but I would need to clean it up considerably. At home I spent the better end of a full day removing the gunk from the rack, and moved on to getting it to look new. A fiber wheel on my angle grinder made quick work of rust and dirt, and a Dremel tool aided in the tight spaces. Of course the most helpful tool was the can of brake cleaner, it has a habit of cleaning up just about any mess. After I was satisfied with the cleanliness I moved on to painting, choosing a common rust inhibiting spray paint to seal it up. For painting I came up with a nice little paint chamber made with a pair of parallel 4″x1″ boards and some plastic bags. I would spray on the paint and then pull the bag on top over to keep dust out. I am pretty satisfied with the results, being my first time attempting such a revival of parts from the past. The paint may need another coat, but that’s not a big deal. I will probably need to cut something off the rack to fit it to my design, but being from such a small donor, I shouldn’t be in bad shape. Now I’m just waiting for my spindles in the mail!

rack1 rack2 rack3 rack4 rack5 rack6

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