More frame…

Finally moved on to more than just 1″ square tube, as I made it to the section that will form the boot. Containing the fuel cell, rear axle, and the tiny bit of luggage it will hold, this part was very important. The 4″ steel plate that holds both the roll bar and the rear shocks was tacked into place, and some of the 3/4″ tube was cut and tacked. A trip with my buddies to Disney World interrupted the build but it was a great time, and now it’s back to work. I hope to get the round tube needed to form the bend in the boot this week, and hope to find a shop that will bend my roll bar for me. I had some 1″ round tube that was intended for another project in the garage and it should make a fine roll bar. I plan on using an angled cross bar and a pair of legs extending to the rear of the frame to keep the roll bar strong. Beside the frame work I hope to get some actual parts this week, either a rear axle or uprights so I can get the suspension going.

Also after giving the frame and overall plan a once over by Andrew, I gained some needed confidence in the project. Hopefully our days of cruising around town on mopeds will soon be relived in our Locosts.

  Me with frameroll bar mountsboot1

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