Almost Summer!

Well a lot has happened since the last update, just haven’t had time to write. Finals start next week so I’ve been busy playing catch up. The Locost is looking more and more like a car every time I look at it, so even though I have only had a few hours each weekend to work on it, it is coming along. While I was cutting some sections last week my angle grinder died. I don’t know what happened, it was working fine and then just didn’t turn back on. So I brought it to Sears and as luck would have it I had purchased the 2 year replacement agreement when I bought the grinder. So for $10 or so (for the warranty) I got a brand new grinder and more grinding disks. I continued the tiring algorithm of measure, measure, cut, grind, weld, double check. As of this morning I have made it through section “Q”, the top of the firewall. Once finals are over this thing should be flying together! Also, my friend Andrew is home from Georgia Tech and should be able to give me some pointers, as he is along quite well in his build. Stay tuned!

section L Section Q Toosl of the Trade

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