Locost Build Diary


The chassis will be based on the McSorley +442 plans. These are a bit wider, longer and taller.  This should make life a little easier with the big lump of an egine in there (the KA24E from the 240SX is a pretty big and heavy motor).


The engine and most of the drivetrain, brakes and parts of the suspension will come from a 1989 Nissan 240SX that we puchased for $325. Its very rusty (not surprising for a 19 year old Vermont car that has seen better days), but ran well (for the 10 minutes it ever ran in my experience!).


We are still debating whether to use the rear diff and hubs for the back end.  On one hand we have all of the bits, and it would give the car a very adjustable independent rear suspension. On the other, its far more complex, and not a very common path.  The other option is to get something like a Mustang live rear axle. That could simplify things, which given how long this could take (years!) isn’t a bad thing.