Locost Build Diary


A few ideas and dreams of what the car could be (mostly with unlimited budget and time!).

Custom Body

There are two reasons for custom bodywork.Firstly the Lotus Seven is an aerodynamic brick with a coefficient of drag hovering around 0.7, closer to a brick than anything really. That doesn’t really matter too much on the street (lets face it, maximum efficiency is not a top priority here) or at an autocross (we have pretty limited options in Vermont, often not getting out of first gear!). However if (no, make that WHEN) the car gets out on bigger tracks like NHIS, Lime Rock or Mt. Tremblant, aero efficiency is going to make a sizable difference in top speed, how quick it gets there and therefore in lap times.

Lotus Eleven The second reason is aesthetic… The lotus seven isn’t necessarily ugly (it has a certain┬ábeauty in simplicity), but its never been the most attractive vehicle.The easiest route might be to find some Lotus Eleven bodywork, it should be customizable to fit the chassis, is quite slippery, and reasonably attractive.Alfa Rome 8CThe harder route would be to create a total one-off. I am working on a few ideas (the new Alfa Romeo 8C being a primary influence, along with the Jaguar D-type). I’ve discovered a useful piece of software called Sports Car Designer that allows you to (pretty easily) come up with a side profile. Pretty fun to play with.