Locost Build Diary


About the project:

A locost is a sort of Lotus Seven replica. It is originally based on the book “Build Your Own Sports Car for as little as £250” (now out of print). I purchased this book about 5 years ago, and have been dreaming of following it ever since.The Lotus Seven was a creation of engineering genius Colin Chapman.  It is a very light, fundamental sports car with no thought really given to anything that didn’t make it simpler, lighter and faster. It had massive success in racing in the 50s, and has become one of the most replicated cars in kit form since. Caterham in the UK is the official maker of Sevens now, although there are well over 50 “manufacturers” ranging from pretty high end (like Westfield, Superformance, and Caterham) to pretty cheap (cost wise at least). The Locost is the ultimate in (potentially) cheap versions of the Seven.  The basic idea is that you start with a donor vehicle (the original book uses a European Ford Escort), build a chassis out of welded steel tubing and put everything together, creating a 1300lbs (or so) car with very high levels of performance.  The original £250 figure is pretty hard to achieve (if not impossible), even when the book was published. It assumed you got the donor for free, found scrap steel to use and already had all of the tools.More coming soon! 

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