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Shocks ordered

Apr 8th 2008
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Found a good deal on a set of coilover shocks. They are brand new units from the Shelby Series One supercar. Hopefully they will do the trick (planning to do a pushrod setup so that wheel rates are more customizable). Couldn’t pass up such a good deal either! A bit more that I was planning to spend on motorcycle shocks, but a much better (and new) product.

Shelby Series One - Dynamic Shocks

Cost: $440 (shipping included).

Link to original thread on Locostusa.com

Shelby Series One Shocks installed
The shocks in their original location, the inside of a Shelby Series One.


4/12/08 – Shocks arrived! Very nice looking, perhaps I will just hang them on the wall until they are ready for the car!

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